Wash & Go - pure water systems

We use highly purified de-ionised water which absorbs dirt on contact enabling a better and safer clean


  • Eco friendly
  • The water is pure, with no contaminants
  • No damage or staining to your boat in any way


  • Time saving
  • Leaves no marks when it dries
  • Access to clean all areas from boat
  • Ideal for dark coloured boats


When the water is purified, it is forced through hoses to a water fed brush-pole delivery system. The surface is cleaned by agitating the dirt on the boat. The water acts as a lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the contact surface. Once clean, a final rinse is given to remove all remaining contaminants. On top of the pole is a nylon monofilament brush head with a small channel that delivers constant supply of pure water.

Eco friendly
No damage or stain

How does it work?

Our Wash&Go system uses pure water filter units, which are able to make pure water from a standard fresh water tap. The units will filter all lime, minerals, metals and bacteria from the tap water with different filters, resulting in pure decontaminated water only. Water in its purest form, has an amazingly strong cleaning capability; soap and all other cleaning means will no longer be necessary. Because salts, minerals and lime are filtered from the water, the surface will be spotless with no white marks, and drying will be history. By washing your yacht with Wash&Go Pure Water system, you will easily achieve a clean, shiny and spotless result, even on dark paint.

"Sound a little far fetched? How can only water be used to clean without using any kind of soap?
Please arrange for a WASH&GO engineer to visit your boat for a free demonstration to be amazed."


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